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Bowl Scents

Bowl Scents | Triple Action Toilet Spray | Block Nasty Odor and Help Kill Germs

$ 12.95

WHY BOWL SCENTS: Don’t just stop Bad Odor stop the spread of germs and bacteria.

Know the ABC's of the Bathroom = "Air-Borne-Contaminants" are the result of the agitation of flushing the Toilet known as TOILET PLUME at home or work. ABC's can get you sick and land on surfaces in the bathroom up to 6 feet or more away. Help protect yourself with Bowl Scents Triple Action Formula.

Made in USA - Highly Effective TRIPLE ACTION SPRAY FORMULA that (1) Traps and Blocks Odors (2) Creates a Surface Barrier and Neutralizes bad smells and acids in toilet (3) Helps Kill Germs with a safe E. coli Disinfectant. Bowl Scents helps reduce GERMS. This unique bottle releases a coating mist to helps kill germs thus PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY.

“Life changing product”. We all know the problem “Poop smells” and it is loaded with germs. There are other toilet sprays on the market, but Bowl Scents offers more VALUE with our high performance Patent Pending Triple Action formula that outperforms them all at a lower cost. ALL Bowl Scents sprayers are Eco-friendly, reusable and refillable. They lay down a superb surface barrier layer on the toilet water to block odor, neutralize and help kill germs and bacteria like E.coli, Influenza, Salmonella, Shigella. A family of products designed to meet all of your pooping needs. BOWL SCENTS Makes SENSE and saves CENTS. Try this 2 oz Mini bottle and you will be hooked. Spread the word. Leave fresh scents behind! All Bowl Scents products give you the FREEDOM to utilize any available bathroom with confidence. 


    • Alcohol Free
    • Aerosol Free
    • Eco-Friendly Refillable & Reusable
    • Made with Essential Oil Blend
    • Odor Blocker, Surface Barrier Neutralizer, E.coli Disinfectant

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