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Cast Pistons Silv-O-Lite 1193HC- 75MM | Set Of 6 units

$ 118.95
Silv-O-Lite Cast Pistons 1193HC-75MM Set Of 6 units in box


  • Ford, mazda, V6, set of 6
  • Bore (in):3.534 in.
  • Bore (mm):89.750mm
  • Piston Style: Flat top, with no valve reliefs
  • Piston Material: Hypereutectic aluminum
  • Compression Distance (in):1.535 in.
  • Wrist Pin Style: Press-fit
  • Pin Diameter (in):0.912 in.
  • Piston Ring Thickness:1.50mm x 1.50mm x 4.00mm
  • Quantity: Sold as a set of 4.
  • Notes: Shallow rings required

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