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EZ Opener

EZ Opener Ceramic Blade Safety Cutter | Open Boxes, Shrink Wrap, Packages & More

$ 8.99

EZ Opener Ceramic Blade Safety Cutter, Multi-functional, safely cuts open boxes, shrink wrap, packages and more. It also opens Paint Can Lids, Beverage can or bottle tops and small jars. Made of Zinc Alloy it works as a No Touch Tool to reduce finger contact on buttons and other germy surfaces. Helps reduce injuries at home and the workplace. No need for scissors or sharp metal blades, now safely cut open boxes, packages, clam shells, letters, shrink wrap, culinary food packages & more. Great for cutting store coupons and it's a letter opener too. Good for Home, Office, RV's, Dorms, Travel, Toolbox, Arts and Crafts. Practical Gift for Family, Friends or Co-Workers. Two variations come in Black or Silver Gift Box with a Black Strap attached to hang it on hooks or doors. The other two variations come with a Black or Silver carabiners for easy fast access or store in a desk drawer. Reduce potential injuries with Ceramic Blade technology instead of sharp knives, box cutters or scissors.

About the Item:

  • Ceramic Blade Safety Cutters are safer than metal blades, knives or scissors
  • EZ Opener safely cuts open boxes, packages, shrink wrap, Clam Shells and more
  • Unique 3D Designed shape front end lifts open Paint Can Lids, small jars and Beverage Tops
  • Works as a letter opener, cuts out coupons for shopping and can be used for Arts and Crafts 
  • EZ Opener is made of Zinc Alloy and works as "No Touch Tool" to reduce finger contact on buttons, elevators and other germy surfaces.
  • Great for Home, Office, RV's, Schools, Warehouse jobs. Anywhere you have things to open

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