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Pentair Raychem ETS-05-L2-A | Electronic Thermostat | Surface Sensing

$ 359.99

The Raychem ETS-05-L2-A electronic surface sensing thermostat with LED status indication, 32A resistive load switching capacity. 

The Raychem  ETS-05-L2-A surface sensing locally mounted thermostat is approved for use in hazardous area, suitable for field installation and typically direct switching up to 32A resistive load of the electric trace heating (ETH) circuit(s). 

It provides accurate temperature control for all Raychem BTV, QTVR, XTV, HXTV, KTV, VPL and XPI trace heating cables. The Raychem ETS-05 unit is supplied at nominal voltage of 230V 50/60 Hz and has a single pole changeover switch (SPST) rated at 32A. 

The temperature setting on the Raychem  ETS-05-L2-A thermostat is adjusted via digital rotary switches inside the thermostats enclosure, the range is 0°C to +199°C and has a surface sensing Pt100 3 wire probe supplied with a 2 metre flexible sensor. 

Typically used installation application include: frost protection and frost heave prevention, or process temperature maintenance, long pipeline heating, tank heating with a relatively narrow temperature maintenance band

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